Welcome to the Fly! web site

Welcome to the Fly! web site.

This is an additional resource for FLY!, adding concepts and stories about the Elements of Resilience.    It also includes:

  • sections where I answer your questions about resilience,
  • errors and corrections,
  • index and
  • additional references.

This site will expand with time.

If you wish to be notified of changes and additions to this site, then please subscribe to this site by selecting the Follow icon at the right of this page.



One thought on “Welcome to the Fly! web site

  1. Captain, as already with QF32, having started reading FLY, one does not want to put it out of the hand anymore. The book is a MUST READ and I would call it a life bible. It does not only assist people in a leadership function (be it aspiring or experienced) but it serves likewise as a wonderful guide through life by showing true core values. Reading the book invites self-reflection and re-thinking of own ideas and perspectives, as well as a better understanding of the how and why of the behaviour of others. On the whole, the book is simply packed with knowledge and eye-openers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


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