Come to a FLY! book launch event

Visa conference – Singapore

FLY! launches in Australia on 3rd September 2018.

I am conducting launch presentations and interviews in most Australian capital cities during September and October.

Click here to attend an Australian launch event.

Don’t delay!   FLY! public speaking-appearances are booking up fast.

  • The event on 19 Sep is effectively sold out – before FLY!’s official launch date! We are trying to add more events.


10 thoughts on “Come to a FLY! book launch event

      1. Thanks Richard.

        The VIC filter doesn’t show any events, and I can’t see any in the list of events.

        Could you please advise dates for VIC/Melbourne, and pass on that the VIC dates don’t seem to be working on the website.

        Thanks, Alexander


  1. Yes! I’ve found out the Melbourne Fly! date at last. Please disregard my message on your QF32 forum.
    Am really looking forward to your presentation in October Richard.

    Til then,



  2. I have read both your books and have just finished Fly. After 77 years I recognise that I have suffered PTS for so long without having the courage to face up to ‘it’ (or know of it) until Fly straightened me out. My life is documented in the biography of my late father My Father in his Suitcase, (Nov 2013, Landmark Books, Singapore). It is an extraordinary story, perhaps unique, and I am completing a Sequel, owning up to PTS and about to seek help. Thank you for your frankness, courage and honesty. John, Vermont South, Victoria, 3133.


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