Challenge – Decode Coplu’s masterpiece

About Coplu

Gulhan and Coplu (

If you have subscribed to my blog, then you know I am a fan of my friend (and the artist) Coplu.   Discover more about Coplu at

Coplu’s masterpieces encapsulate the timeless essence of life and humanity.

His spell-binding paintings give us confidence and courage to face the future, our fears and the unknown.   Every person associates with his simple characters that are challenged by seas, chasms and the unknown, scenarios that normally invoke fear and anxiety. His solutions always involve love and companionship.

Coplu’s art resonates with our primeval mind, thought and consciousness. The rich colours, humour and space triggers deep emotions that replace fear with calm, and negativity with confidence. All this happens all at a low (gut) level that we cannot associate with language. This is why Coral and I often say “Words cannot explain our passion for Coplu’s art”

Coplu’s heartfelt paintings are templates that show us how to live fulfilling lives. Love, compassion and optimism become the requisites for success and happiness. Teamwork and caring for others are hallmarks of a resilient humanity.

Coplu’s Painting

Coplu was following my 4 year mission to write FLY! and he wanted to help.

Coplu provided the painting below as an optional image for the front cover of FLY!     Unfortunately, the Penguin Random House publishers wanted a picture of an old pilot on the cover instead.

Name of painting withheld at the moment – by Coplu (


Your challenge is to decode Coplu’s masterpiece.   Provide comments below.

Your task will be made simpler if  you have read FLY!

I will discuss this painting during the national tour to launch FLY! that starts on Monday in Canberra, Australia, then progresses (chronologically) to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Launceston, Sydney, Melbourne, Mt Gambier, Portland, Warrnambool, Sydney, Cairns.  (Click here for more details)

I will provide the final decode after the FLY! book tour is completed.    Then you will appreciate Coplu’s artistic skills.


The person who responds with the most accurate description by Friday 21 September will win an autographed and inscribed copy of QF32 or FLY! sent anywhere in the world.   The winner will be announced on Saturday 22 September.

4 thoughts on “Challenge – Decode Coplu’s masterpiece

  1. I haven’t read Fly yet but I’m prepared to give this a crack. Someone has to go first!

    Is the work meant to be about the core aspects of our lives that can foster and promote resilience? Family relationships, compassion for others and a sense of place and purpose.

    I wonder…..


  2. Good day Captain,
    That’s an interesting challenge! I thought I’d give it a try, and here is my interpretation:
    In this painting we see a FLYing tree. Given that this painting is an illustration for FLY, I think it represents the eight elements of resilience that you talk about in the book. Through its roots the tree absorbs knowledge, represented by water below. Its trunk represents experience. Experience accumulates with time, just as a tree trunk grows over time. The branches represent leadership, as a leader both reaches out to their team members and supports them. The hearts are for teamwork, as they work together to generate lift for the tree, and different colours of the hearts represent diversity on a team and the different skills and experiences that each team member brings. We don’t have to love every team member, but we do have to respect them and appreciate their inputs. The round thing at the bottom is for training and deliberate practice over and over again. The creatures, who have brains and so can think, represent decision-making and crisis management. We see two creatures on the tree looking – they are gathering and analysing information and coming up with options. The creature pouring water is doing an action. The creature holding the round thing evaluates the result and translates it into further training. Finally, because trees don’t normally fly, this tree is taking the calculated risk of stepping out of its comfort zone to broaden its horizons.
    This is what I came up with. I look forward to finding out the actual decoding, and of course to reading the book. Unfortunately, Canada Post is on the brink of a strike, so I have to wait until either the strike (if it happens) or the threat of it (if it doesn’t happen) ends.
    Have a nice day!


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