Resilience – Recovering Pilots’ Lost Flying Skills

Airbus (sidestick) fly-by-wire

Attached is an article on resilience for pilots that I wrote that was published by the Royal Aeronautical Society in 2015.    All aspects of this report remain current today.

This report predates (but incorporates many features in) FLY! – the Elements of Resilience.  After this report was written, I received the honour to present to the International Civil Aviation Organization at its headquarter in Montreal in January 2016.

Read this article if you have an interest in:

  • Accident rates (historic and forecast)
  • Automation (too much)
  • Black Swan events
  • Comments by Commander Jim Lovell (Commander of Apollo 13) & Captain Sully Sullenberger
  • Experience is no defence!
  • Expertice (10,000 hours? Mozart, Beatles, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer,  Neil Armstrong)
  • Hands-on flying times (decline)
  • Legacy vs Contemporary pilot flying skills
  • Pilots hands-on flying skills

    Mindfulness, controlled, calm


  • Simulators (personal and corporate)
  • Skills fade
  • Stress-Proof Deliberate Practice
  • Training


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