FLY! – a miltary review

For those who have not yet read FLY!, I offer a comprehensive excellent review of FLY! by two Australian military officers actively based in the Middle East.

This report was authored by two officers deployed to the Middle East with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation:

  • Colonel Michael Scott – Deputy Chief of Staff (Deputy Commander), and
  • Squadron Leader Dan Hamilton – Chief Operations Officer, Observer Group Golan

I had the privilege to serve in the Royal Australian Air Force for 11 years, alongside some of the most impresive people I have ever known. It is an honour to have FLY! acknowledged by my peers.

The link to this comprehensive review is shown below. It’s important to know that the Elements of Resilience that I describe in FLY!, are equally suited to not just your peaceful personal and business lives, but also to threatening military lives.

“FLY! is an exceptional consolidated collection of practical and philosophical resources to aide in vocational and professional development, crisis management and leadership under duress”.

Colonel Michael Scott and Squadron Leader Dan Hamilton

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