Fear of Flight

Success Stories applying the lessons in FLY! to reduce the Fear of Flight


About I discuss the logical and emotional factors of the Fear of Flying (aviophobia) at QF32.com

In FLY! (pages 33–39),  I continue this discussion with methods to reduce these fears.   I have about an 80-90 percent success rate when delivering this process on board the aircraft.

Here are readers’ testimonials of how they used FLY! to reduce the fear of flight.

Ashish Singhal  (Customer Support Director at Airbus)  (November, 2018)

Ashish Singhal

Dear Captain Rich.  I would like to share with you a small story.

Today I was traveling back from Paro (Bhutan) to Delhi, and next to me was a high profile CEO of a company. As soon as we exchanged pleasantries it was evident that she was scared of flying.

I immediately started to comfort her emotional mind with information (from FLY!) about flying and the fear of flight with a very calm voice.  I explained how she could pump her senses with positive emotions.   I noticed she felt easy and started to relax.   She became more comfortable when I told her that I work for Airbus.  We still had the Himalayan range in our sight which kept her busy, but with a slight bump she would take a sip of her vodka.

I started to empower her logical mind with more info on the various computers on the A320. This new info excited her and raised her appetite for more; since I knew the Capt of the flight I requested him to empower her slow mind and reduce her fears.   We also did the 17 times-table.  At first she found it silly but later realised this helped distract her emotional mind.

By the time we reached Delhi, she was extremely content and calm. I was equally content as well to be able to reduce her anxiety about flight, and create effectively another satisfied ‘customer‘ of Airbus.

I hope you would be feeling elated to have the lessons in FLY! play such an instrumental part in this short but happy story.

Many thanks to you for igniting the knowledge in me.

Best wishes and regards Ashish

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