Troy Dodds

I’ve just finished your book FLY!, and wanted to congratulate you on it. I found it very inspiring and got plenty out of it in terms of crisis management. While my job is very different to yours, it’s amazing the parallels that exist. I’ve particularly passed on to my team about ‘focus on what’s working,… Read More Troy Dodds

Bill (surname withheld)

I have just finished reading FLY! after borrowing it from the Rural Fire Service Library in Sydney. Congratulations on a fantastic job. As a captain in a RFS Brigade, I am encouraging other members in my team to read this book not only as an inspiration (which it is), but especially to stress the importance… Read More Bill (surname withheld)

Tony Greenwood LL.B

As a lawyer I read lots of material, and my read of FLY! by Captain Richard De Crespigny was one book I could not put down. Remaining calm, pulling it all together, and drawing on his only available resources at a critical time, under pressure and with much at stake, is a monumental feat. Like… Read More Tony Greenwood LL.B

Dean Mills

I enjoyed FLY immensely.   It’s a great follow on to QF32. Your business insight catering at all levels from practical homegrown experience to running a corporation or indeed an aircraft all require ‘open and honest communication and feedback’. I reconcile very much with the Patick Lencioni reference as we used this text to bring our… Read More Dean Mills

Sami Mäkeläinen

FLY! in short, is a brilliant piece of work.  Never before has a book front- and back cover undersold the contents as much; usually the opposite happens. FLY! is an awesome, concise work better described as a “Thorough guide to life, leadership and teamwork – complete with handy checklists”. Highly recommended Sami Mäkeläinen Technology Insights Principal Strategy… Read More Sami Mäkeläinen

 Marion Carroll

What a magnificent book!  –  giving life lessons on how to approach, not only the most technical aspects of leading in an aircraft or industry, but in every path of life, including family dynamics and relationships, while most importantly giving practical knowledge on how to practice resilience both personally and corporately. Richard doesn’t shy away… Read More  Marion Carroll

Valeriya Mordvinova

Hello Richard and Coral,   Last weekend I finished reading “FLY!” and absolutely loved it! I took my time to read and absorb the information, but I would have gladly read the other 100,000 words that got cut out during editing. The amount of research that went into it is incredible, very impressive! I will… Read More Valeriya Mordvinova