Peter Macbeth

Thank you for your book ‘FLY!’.  It is an inspirational book that  taught me much at a personal level, affirmed many of my existing beliefs, and provided me with much guidance in terms of the work that I engage in with my Principal and school leadership colleagues. Our work is challenging and complex yet most… Read More Peter Macbeth

What a magnificent book!

What a magnificent book!  –  giving life lessons on how to approach, not only the most technical aspects of leading in an aircraft or industry, but in every path of life, including family dynamics and relationships, while most importantly giving practical knowledge on how to practice resilience both personally and corporately. Richard doesn’t shy away… Read More What a magnificent book!

Mark Holmes – Human Factors Student

“Fly! is a great summation of all I have learned in my Masters of Human Factors degree. Richard takes the complex academic thereom I have studied and applies it easily to everyday personal and professional life with ease”

Mark Holmes – Nurse, Midwife & Human Factors Educator.

“I am a human factors, crew resource management and Non Technical Skills practitioner working in Aeromedical operations. This work intimately combines two high risk industries- healthcare and aviation. I will be recommending Fly! to all my pilots, nurses, midwives, doctors, engineers, ground and administration crew!”

Kai Malcolm

I am part way through reading ‘Fly!’ and so far it is probably one of the best books I’ve ever read.

Reader Testamonials

Please include your reviews here. Questions should be directed to dedicated Q&A pages.   IRMA SULLIVAN This book is essential reading for anyone with a ‘fear of flying’. My next flight ‘home’ is in April! Thank you Richard and congratulations on this latest publication.   Irmgard Sullivan    (ED, Read Irma’s story about her fear of… Read More Reader Testamonials

Book Testamonials

Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger,  Captain of Flight 1549, the Miracle on the Hudson Richard de Crespigny takes us on a fascinating journey through the hearts and minds of resilient leaders, revealing what it takes to overcome life’s greatest challenges. Gene Kranz, former NASA Flight Director The finest book I have ever read . . . structure and flow… Read More Book Testamonials