Ia Kochiashvili

Dear Captain Richard,

I just finished reading Fly! and I wanted to thank you for this wonderful book. I really liked the way it is written. Apart from the fact that the subject of resilience is extremely interesting and all elements are well described in the book, I also loved the way the chapters are divided and summarised in checklists.

It is a great support for someone, who changed career after PhD graduation starting in a completely new field. I was confident in being able to succeed, but was always afraid of failing. Knowing that one should fail but fail well makes all the difference. Also, I loved the leadership and teamwork part, it confirmed so many things that I thought were correct in my head but never really read anywhere before.

PTS/PTSD is also very interesting and helps to be alert to notice signs in case one suffers from it.

QF32 story is one of my favourite stories because of great leadership, amazing teamwork and successful outcome.

Best wishes,