Troy Dodds

I’ve just finished your book FLY!, and wanted to congratulate you on it. I found it very inspiring and got plenty out of it in terms of crisis management.

While my job is very different to yours, it’s amazing the parallels that exist. I’ve particularly passed on to my team about ‘focus on what’s working, not what isn’t’.

I also got a little bit out of it re fear of flying. I’m in a strange situation where I’m actually very interested in aviation (I watch way too much Air Crash Investigation!) yet have an irrational fear of it. This fear has never stopped me travelling and I’m pretty good at settling in once in the air, but I’ve never been able to shake that ‘not in control’ feeling.

It was interesting to read about how honest you attempt to be with passengers. I find this varies significantly from pilot to pilot, and airline to airline. For example, on a recent trip using Hawaiian Airlines I found they were very strong on communication. Same with Delta in the US.  Yet others barely say a word.

Congratulations on your book!

Troy Dodds
Managing Director
Western Sydney Publishing Group