Resilience – Recovering Pilots’ Lost Flying Skills

Attached is an article on resilience for pilots that I wrote that was published by the Royal Aeronautical Society in 2015.    All aspects of this report remain current today. Resilience – recovering pilots’ lost flying skills. Royal Aeronautical Society – June 2015 This report predates (but incorporates many features in) FLY! – the Elements… Read More Resilience – Recovering Pilots’ Lost Flying Skills

Personal Resilience – Distractions Kill

This is a challenging video.  Watch it if you; have not read FLY! (page 17-18), or think you are an above average driver, or think you can text and drive cars safely at the same time, or don’t know why its potentially DEADLY to DISTRACT yourself while undertaking CRITICAL tasks.    (Video: Please understand… Read More Personal Resilience – Distractions Kill