The publisher considered a bibliography unnecessary.

Nevertheless, some people wish to view the references.   So I will building this list, that will increase with time.


Page Reference
276 McRaven, William H. (2017). Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World. Grand Central Publishing. ISBN 1455570249

Book Listing

Below is a list of the books that are relevant to FLY!   I recommend these books for people who wish to research resilience.

12 Rules for Life

  • by Jordan Petersen

Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe the World

  • McRaven, William H (2017)

30 Seconds to Impact

  • Captain Peter Burkill
  • BA38


  • Carey Edwards

Apollo 13

  • by Jim Lovell

Attitude or Latitude

  • by Graham R Braithwaite

Beyond Fear

  • by Bruce Schneier


  • by Malcolm Gladwell


  • by Malcolm Gladwell


  • by Malcolm Gladwell


  • by Mark Jamieson

Crossing the Chasm

  • by Geoffrey Moore
  • Ignore the “chasm” at your peril.  The “chasm” in the product life cycle sends many companies and their technologies to the wal.   Understand the difference between the courageous risk takers (innovators and early adopters) that need no case studies or trust, and the rest (on the other side of the chasm) that do.   This concept has repercussions for risk, brand and fearlessness.

Daring Greatly

  • by Brené Brown

Enlightenment Now

  • by Steven Pinker

Exit Wounds

  • by Major General John Cantwell

Failure is Not An Option

  • by Gene Kranz


  • by Hans Rosling

First Man

  • by James Hansen


  • by Stephen Lundin

Fly By Wire

  • by William Langewiesche

Fooled by Randomness

  • by Nicholas Taleb

Give and Take

  • by Adam Grant

Good to Great

  • by Adam Grant

Handbook of NeuroLeadership

  • by Dr David Rock and Dr Al Ringleb

Handling the Big Jets

  • by D.P. Davies

Highest Duty

  • by Sully Sullenberger

How Apollo Flew to the Moon

  • by W David Woods

How to Create a Mind

  • by by Ray Kurzweil

Hustling Hinkler

  • by D. R. Dymock


  • by Gabrielle Dolan

Inviting Disaster

  • by James Chiles

Jet Age

  • by Sam Howe Verhovek

Just Culture

  • by Sidney Dekker

Laugh Aerobics

  • by Helene Grover

Leaders Eat Last

  • by Simon Sinek

Leadership in Action

  • by John Cantwell

Making a Difference

  • by Sully Sullenberger

Making Space

  • by Jenninfer M. Groh

Management Challenges for the 21st Century

  • by Peter Drucker

Managing the Unexpected

  • by Karl Weick & Kathleen M Sutcliffe


  • by Elizer Sternberg

On Intelligence

  • by Jeff Hawkins


  • by Adam Grant


  • by Malcolm Gladwell

Pondering Grief

  • by Linda Espie

Rethinking Patient Safety

  • by Suzette Woodward

Selfish, Scared and Stupid

  • by Kieran Flanagan

Smarter Faster Better

  • by Charles Duhigg

Spills and Spin

  • by Tom Bergin

Stepping Up

  • by John Izzo


  • by Leonard Mlodinow

Surfing the Edge of Chaos

Talent is Overrated

The A380 Flight Test Campaign

  • by Claude Lelaie

The Black Swan – The Impact of the Highly Improbable

  • by Nicholas Taleb

The Brain

  • by David Eagleman

The Checklist Manifesto

  • by Atul Gawande

The Crash Detectives

  • by Christine Negroni

The Decision Book

  • by Mikael Krogerus

The Elements of Style

  • by Strunk and White
  • The Elements of Style provides advice for producing better writing.  Written in 1918, it is the definitive reference for every journalist and writer.   One of the 100 best and most influential (English written) books since 1923.
  • Goes hand in had with “The Pyramid Principle” by Barbara Minto
  • Although not related to resilience, it’s listed here because this is the reason for the subtitle of FLY! being “The Elements of Resilience”

The Fearless Organisation

  • Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation and Growth
  • by Amy C. Edmondson
  • Psychological Safety exists when people people feel their workplace in an environment where they can speak up, offer idea, and ask questions without fear of being punished or embarrassed. (p 15)

The Halo Effect

  • by Phil Rosenzweig

The Little Prince

  • by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Man Australia Forgot

  • by Pauline Cotrill

The Millionaire Messenger

  • by Brendon Burchard

The Naked CEO

  • by Alex Malley

The Sense of Style

  • by Steven Pinker

The Simple Science of Flight

  • by Henk Tennekes
  • A wonderful short book analysing flying bodies; their weight versus cruise speed, and energy management. Highly recommended.

The Unthinkable – Who Survives when disaster strikes

  • by Amanda Ripley

The World is Flat

  • by Thomas Friedman

Thinking Fast and Slow

  • by Daniel Kahneman

Twists and Turns

  • by Matthew Mitcham

What Doesn’t Kill Us

  • by Professor Stephen Joseph


  • by Clive Irving
  • history of the 747 and the Boeing company

Why Hospitals Should Fly

  • by John Nance

Why Humans Like to Cry

  • by Michael Trimble


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