Corrections & Reprints

Thank you to the readers who have contacted me to highlight errors or omissions in Fly!.

We had great difficulty compressing the 180,000 words in my stories into a form to suit a wide audience.   Much information has been trimmed to make the book readable across the widest audience.

Please submit any errors or omissions – all correspondence is appreciated.

FLY! – Versions

  • FLY! is available at all quality book stores, and this web site.
  • eBook versions available from Amazon, Apple Store ….
  • Audio book available from Audible

FLY! – reprints

  • FLY! has been reprinted two times

Fly! – Corrections

  • Page 88, second paragraph, line 5.  Replace “20” with “several”
  • Page 253, last paragraph.  Change:   “Every single QF32 crew member” to “I expect most QF32 crew members”   (Corrected in Second Reprint – November 2018)
  • Index (a 4 page Summary-Index  (a subset of this Complete Index) was added in the First Reprint – September 2018

Updated 2 December 2018

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